We are the local experts - matchmaking travellers with wonderful New Zealand experiences

About Us

Established in 1999, Experience New Zealand Travel Ltd is an inbound travel agency dedicated to promoting and selling only the very best New Zealand tourism products. In 2008, Experience New Zealand became part of the Southern Travel Holdings group of travel companies. Our goal is to provide a better service than a traditional outbound travel agent can, through specialising on the one destination and being able to research that destination first hand. We have first hand knowledge of every product we sell and we only sell what we recommend so we are not surprised by what our clients tell us that their experience of New Zealand exceeded their expectations. It really is a great job.

Our job

We don't just sell travel services, we matchmake travelers with proven New Zealand travel service providers. We find out about you (your interests, preferences, personality) so that we can match you with the New Zealand tourism operators who we know will make your New Zealand experiences the best that they can be.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is quality matters most. This is because quality does matter most when it comes to travel. When everything is right – location, service, facilities, atmosphere, value for money – it makes for a truly great experience.

Our methodology

We don't guess, we test. We don't rely on published guides (that are inherently out of date) and we don't rely on tourism operators who trade on reputations earned by the size of their advertising budget, rather than the value and quality of their service. Instead, we rely on our more than ten years of firsthand experience and, of course, on customer feedback.