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Choosing the best travel insurance to suit your needs

Experience New Zealand Travel has been providing travel insurance since 2000.
Even the best travel plans can go unexpectedly wrong and you could be faced with substantial unexpected financial cost as a result. Some situations are more serious than others and the financial impact can hit hard, regardless of your age. Choosing the right New Zealand travel insurance gives you the comfort of knowing that, should anything go wrong, help is only a phone call away.

Recommended travel insurance provider

Our recommended travel insurance provider is Comprehensive Travel Insurance and they provide both:

Comprehensive Travel Insurance offers a variety of products designed to suit the specific needs of a range of travellers.

Most of us have two questions when it comes to travel insurance: Do I need it? Will they pay up?
Do I need it?
This one is a simple: yes, you do. Holidays are precious and when things go wrong (and things can go very wrong through no fault of your own) you need to know that you will be looked after.
Will they pay up?
If your claim is bona fide, we sincerely believe the answer to this is yes, too. We have been selling Comprehensive Travel Insurance for the past fourteen years and we have, without exception, felt that Comprehenive have delivered. A staff member recently spent seven incredible weeks in Europe and it was wonderful for their trip not to have been tainted by the fact that their rental car was keyed, their luggage was damaged, or that they lost the front off a favourite pair of earrings. They had the comfort of knowing that on return Comprehensive would look after their claim, and they did.



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Paul and Maureen, UK, February 2012
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