We are the local experts - matchmaking travellers with wonderful New Zealand experiences

About Us

Established in 1999, Experience New Zealand Travel Ltd is an inbound travel agency dedicated to promoting and selling only the very best New Zealand tourism products. In 2008, Experience New Zealand became part of the Southern Travel Holdings group of travel companies. Our goal is to provide a better service than a traditional outbound travel agent can, through specialising on the one destination and being able to research that destination first hand. We have first hand knowledge of every product we sell and we only sell what we recommend so we are not surprised by what our clients tell us that their experience of New Zealand exceeded their expectations. It really is a great job.

Our job

We don't just sell travel services, we matchmake travelers with proven New Zealand travel service providers. We find out about you (your interests, preferences, personality) so that we can match you with the New Zealand tourism operators who we know will make your New Zealand experiences the best that they can be.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is quality matters most. This is because quality does matter most when it comes to travel. When everything is right – location, service, facilities, atmosphere, value for money – it makes for a truly great experience.

Our methodology

We don't guess, we test. We don't rely on published guides (that are inherently out of date) and we don't rely on tourism operators who trade on reputations earned by the size of their advertising budget, rather than the value and quality of their service. Instead, we rely on our more than ten years of firsthand experience and, of course, on customer feedback.

Our Terms & Conditions

Deposits and final payments

Payment  –  A deposit of 25% of the total cost of your booking plus full payment of the itinerary planning fee is required once your bookings have been confirmed. The balance is then payable 42 days prior to the first day of your. If a booking is  made  within  42  days  of  the  first  day  of  your itinerary,  full  payment  is required at the time of booking confirmation.

Payments can either be made by credit card via the secure server on our web site or by direct  crediting  our  bank  account.  Please  be  aware  that  for  if  you  wish  to  make  your payment  by  either  Visa  or  MasterCard  a  1.5%  credit  card  fee  will  be  applicable.  If  you would prefer to make your payment by American Express a 3.0% credit card fee will be applicable.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay by direct credit into our bank account. We will absorb the cost of the deposit into our bank account; however any applicable fees charged by your bank will be your responsibility.

‚Äč* Deposits and Final Payment terms/conditions may differ from the above depending on contents of your tour. Once the booking is officially confirmed, our staff will advise of the Deposit and Payment details directly.

Experience Travel Responsibilities

Experience New Zealand Travel ltd operate the  experiencenz.com web  site as agents  for the owner/operators identified in the web site. Whilst we have visited (and do visit on a regular  basis)  all  of  the  properties  on  the  web  site,  we  are  not  responsible  for  the individual properties.  It is highly unlikely in New Zealand, but we are not liable for any loss  or damage caused by any failure or improper  performance  by  any  of  the  owner/operators.  However,  in  the  event  that  a owner/operator cannot provide you with contracted accommodation, we will use our best endeavours to provide you with alternative accommodation, but otherwise we shall have no liability to you.


Cancellation  Charges  –  If  you  have  to  cancel  all,  or  part  of  your  holiday  for  any reason,  the  following  cancellation  fees  are  applicable.  For  cancellation  more  than  30 days  prior  to  your  arrival:  25%  (deposit  amount); 


8-30  days  prior  to your arrival: 40%;

7 days or less: 100%.

* Experience New Zealand Travel will however, negotiate all properties in order to keep the cancellation charges to a minimum.


Important note - Experience New Zealand Travel recommends that you obtain personal travel insurance to cover any cancellation of part or all of your holiday.


Amendment  Fee:  An  amendment  fee  in NZD$ may apply (per amendment) in some cases, but generally, all amendments will be re-arranged at no extra costs to the clients. If an amendment fee is necessary, our staff will advise at the time of booking. 

Damage  Deposit  -  Where  a  deposit  against  damage  or  breakage  is  required,  this  is payable  to  the  owner/operator  or  their  agent  on  arrival  at  the  particular  property.  A receipt should be given to you by the owner/operator or their agent.