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By Miles Holden

Choosing the Best Travel Insurance to Suit your Needs

Experience New Zealand Travel has been providing travel insurance since 2000.

Even the best travel plans can go unexpectedly wrong and you could be faced with substantial unexpected financial cost as a result. Some situations are more serious than others and the financial impact can hit hard, regardless of your age. Choosing the right New Zealand travel insurance gives you the comfort of knowing that, should anything go wrong, help is only a phone call away.


Recommended Travel Insurance Provider

Our recommended travel insurance provider is Allianz Global Assistance and they provide both:

  • inbound travel insurance for visitors to New Zealand
  • outbound travel insurance for New Zealanders travelling overseas

About Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.

History and underwriter

Allianz Global Assistance (previously Comprehensive Travel Insurance) commenced operation in 1973, marketing a range of travel insurance products. Together with their underwriter, Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, they offer excellent products and service to travellers worldwide.

Standard and Poor's (Australia) Pty Ltd claim rating

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited has an AA- (Strong) insurer financial strength rating given by Standard & Poor's Australia (accurate at time of publishing, May 2013).


Allianz Global Assistance guarantees: to refund the unused portion of your premium if you are not satisfied with this policy and wish to cancel before commencing your travel; to give you immediate assistance for any emergency worldwide; to appoint an experienced New Zealand Doctor to liaise with you and your attending doctors overseas in a serious medical emergency; if you have a claim guarantees to respond to you or send the claim settlement within 7 working days on receipt of all the necessary documents.

Why are Allianz Global Assistance inbound policies cheaper than those in your country?

Because medical and legal costs are cheaper in New Zealand than in many other countries, inbound policies do not need to subsidise the higher costs of insurance cover in those countries.

Specified items - Comprehensive cover only

You can choose to extend your policy to cover your expensive items such as jewellery, watches, cameras etc. A video camera up to NZ$2,500 is automatically covered and does not need to be specified. For specified items, we will require a copy of your purchase receipt or a valuation certificate dated prior to the start of your policy. An additional premium of 2% of the total value of the item(s) will be charged (maximum NZ$20,000 total limit).

Most of us have two questions when it comes to travel insurance: Do I need it? Will they pay up?


Do I need it?

This one is a simple: yes, you do. Holidays are precious and when things go wrong (and things can go very wrong through no fault of your own) you need to know that you will be looked after.

Will they pay up?

If your claim is bona fide, we sincerely believe the answer to this is yes, too. We have been selling Allianz Global Assistance for the past fifteen years and we have, without exception, felt that Allianz Global Assistance have delivered. A staff member spent seven incredible weeks in Europe and it was wonderful for their trip not to have been tainted by the fact that their rental car was keyed, their luggage was damaged, or that they lost the front of a favourite pair of earrings. They had the comfort of knowing that on return Allianz Global Assistance would look after their claim and they did.