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New Zealand Flights

Flying to New Zealand

Many airlines from around the world fly into New Zealand. We highly recommend flying with our national carrier, Air New Zealand, who are one of the top airlines in the world. Air New Zealand is well known for their entertaining safety videos. You can view The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made below.


Flying within New Zealand

There are two main airlines flying within New Zealand.

Air New Zealand:

Air New Zealand's domestic network covers all of the main regions of New Zealand as well as many of the smaller regions. The hubs are the major cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.


New Zealand is also serviced domestically by JetStar. JetStar fly to all of the main regions in New Zealand.

Arrival Information

Visitors to New Zealand require a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after their intended departure from New Zealand. A visa is not required for most visitors travelling to New Zealand (including American, Australian, British, Canadian, French, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss visitors) for a stay of less than 3 months, however, you should check with your local New Zealand embassy or consulate for the latest information.

New Zealand Customs

New Zealand has strict biosecurity rules and regulations which protect our unique environment. You will be given an arrivals card to fill in before you land in New Zealand. Please ensure you understand this card and fill it in accurately and honestly.

Items to Declare

Please declare all food, plants, animals, animal products, organisms, salt or fresh water products. You also need to declare all used equipment such as camping, farming, hunting, sporting, gardening and other recreational equipment. Please ensure these items are thoroughly cleaned before entering New Zealand. If you are not sure on whether or not you should declare something, declare it or leave it behind. If you fail to declare items you may face a NZ$400 instant fine or be prosecuted.

Duty Free Goods

Travellers are entitled to import:

50 cigarettes or 50 grams of tobacco products or cigars or a mixture of all three weighing not more than 50 grams

4.5 litres of wine or beer

Three bottle (or other containers) each containing not more than 1,125ml of spirits or liqueurs

*All information is correct at the time of publishing.